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Meme Improver

If you’re like me, you’ve had just about enough of those inspirational, yet judgy and preachy memes you see on Facebook, Instagram and tons of other locations on the internet. Most of the people who post these things spend the rest of their social media posts complaining about how everything in their life is going to hell in a handbasket but, for whatever reason, feel like they have everything together just enough to tell you what you should be doing and how you should be doing it!

Well, no more!

Behold! I have invented the super-duper Meme Improver (TM)(©)(R) which can easily be Photoshopped on all of those annoying holier-than-thou internet memes. Here’s the Meme Improver:


And here’s the Meme Improver in action:








There you go. You’re welcome, America.


I was playing a game using Google Streetview where you get thrown into a random mystery location and you have to try to figure out where you are. I found myself in either Sri Lanka or Singapore (I can’t remember which) but eventually traveled past this guy who seemed doubly damned happy about something. Maybe he was just excited to be alive. Maybe he just turned his odometer over to 000000 and had to get out of his car and celebrate. Perhaps he was able to dump the body bag over the bridge all by himself. Whatever the case, he and I crossed virtual paths for a brief time and I share in his enthusiasm. You go dude!