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About Rick

Rick Baldwin is a cartoonist, comedian, actor, artist and writer born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. His award-winning cartoon strips and editorial cartoons have appeared in publications worldwide and as illustrations for several books. He is currently editorial cartoonist for Chattanooga, Tennessee's alternative weekly The Pulse and produces the comic strip "Clown School Cockroaches" and the panel comic "Scotty Wallace and His Irresistible Kilt of Freedom." Rick is host of the podcast "Life in a Kilt Show" which he records from his home studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Welcome to My Comic World

Thank you for stopping by my website and browsing around. Everything you see here has been published or is available for publishing or reprinting. If you like my style and would like to commission me to create something for your publication, company or product feel free to contact me.

Editorial Cartoons


smcscheader My comic strip Clown School Cockroaches made its debut in June of 2014. The strip centers around a group of cockroaches who are going through clown school. It’s a very simple concept and is based upon actual events.



I was playing a game using Google Streetview where you get thrown into a random mystery location and you have to try to figure out where you are. I found myself in either Sri Lanka or Singapore (I can’t remember which) but eventually traveled past this guy who...
Lookie What She Can Do!

Lookie What She Can Do!

Paula Deen has announced she is starting her own network. I am announcing she looks like The Abominable...