For years Republicans said they would replace “Obamacare” with their own health care plan. They came up with nothing. Now they are in a position to repeal “Obamacare” and replace it with their own plan but they’ve got nothing. The Republican health care plan is exactly that: “Nothing.” “Nothing” is what they want poor Americans to have. And since the majority of the poor voted them in, “Nothing” is what they will get. At least some people will get what they voted for.

poor sick dumb

Mistletoe 2016

‪Hey, 2016! I’m standing under the mistletoe! Happy Yule Y’all!‬

Mistletoe 2016

©2016 Rick Baldwin

Christmas Art Deals

Want to give original art for Christmas? Check out my stuff in my studio store. or in my photo albums on the Facebook site. Contact me and make me an offer! If the original is still available, I’ll make deals. I’d love to make room for new art in 2017.


Being First

In editorial cartooning, you accept the fact that more than one other cartoonist is going to have the same idea as you. You just always hope to be the first to get it out there.


Morin I Voted

©2016 Jim Morin

Bad Coffee

‪This morning’s java tastes like peppermint cough syrup. Some companies shouldn’t be allowed to do coffee.‬

bad coffee

©2016 Rick Baldwin

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